From the line of 6000, Husqvarna has introduced another sewing machine with the name of Viking 6460. Due to solid construction of the machine, wonderful stitches and patterns can be made upon the fabric without much hassle. Threads are placed at an adequate place. Bobbin functions properly in order to offer credible result over a period of time. Issues are not seen in due course.

Parts of the Product in Question!

Threads are put through the bobbins swiftly. Replacement of the bobbins can be made based on the requirement. For the creation of ornamental stitches, additional cams are offered. From the left side of the 1971 Viking 6460 sewing machine, it is possible to find the knobs for ornamental stitches easily. For maintaining the length of the stitch, knob handles are placed on the right side.

Stitch width is managed with the bottom knob. Due to placement of these knobs close to the hand, stitches can be made quite nicely. If you have inserted the cam then four patterns can be found. In addition to this knob, several stitches can be obtained from the control knob placed on the upper right section. Following to the set up of circle, reverts are controlled in order to insert the cam.

How to remove the bobbin case?

By moving the extension table, shuttle doors are opened for the creation of tiny gap. You can hold the bobbin case in between your index finger and thumb for depression of latch, Bobbin case is drawn out of the machine in the process. Till the time, latch remains depress, you can hold the bobbin case within this machine. Latch must be loosened to release the bobbin case as well.

Bobbin winding

  • Bobbin can be taken out from the accessory box.
  • It is possible to find a hole at the side of bobbin
  • By placing the hole outside, bobbin must be turned.
  • Bobbin can be inserted within the machine from the right side.

For threading with the bobbin winding, two separate ways can be tried.

  1. One method can be used with the cotton reel.
  2. Other method can be utilized if you do not like same thread. Difference with the upper thread can be made in this way. On the occasion, thread must go through the thread guide in order to reach the needle clamp and back end side of the machine easily. In case the method is not utilized then ill effect can be observed on the presser foot. Thread must be put around the bobbin for couple of times. It is better to hold the thread while putting pressure with the feet. However, the thread must be released in order to start the process of winding.

How to thread with the lower thread?

Following to the winding of bobbin, it must be placed close to the case. Holes must be kept in the upward direction. Bobbin can be placed without rotation. Threads are generally placed from the edge. Thread must be attached to the tension spring. For effective function, bobbin must rotate on the specified direction.