Music and Love

Healing using Music is a Science

Healing using music

 Falling in love and facing a break up ha become common phenomena today. There is no person alive today who can say that they have not fallen in love and felt the jittery and butterfly motions in your tummy whenever you happen to look at them. May be you might not have experienced a mutual love but that doesn’t mean that you have not been in love.

Love is universal feeling and everybody has the right to love any person on this face of earth and just like you have the right to love the person also has the right to reject your proposal or step back. Loving a person has to be done with humanity and respect and not hurt or endanger the other person in any as there are increasing violent scenarios that are seen today. Fall in love.

It is a beautiful feeling but do so with a righteousness that will not hurt another soul un wantedly. When you see so many ways unfolding in front of you for proposing or winning the love of your girlfriend or boy friend then there are thousand ways to win the love of your partner after facing the breakup.

Here we are going to discuss one such fruitful method which is nothing but poem to get ex back tactic which almost has a universal impact on all the partners who are facing a breakup. Try it out ad see the love bloom all the more between you both. Do not ignore poem to get ex back as a silly technique as you are little aware about the wonders it can do to your relationship.

Use The Power Of Words And Write Poem to get ex back and Heal!

Health Science

Relationship will definitively survive a breakup if both you are longing to get back and make the relationship work rather than giving room to the crisis that has resulted in a split-up. If one of you wants to get back and the other person shows no interest whatsoever in rebonding then there is no reason for you sit and wait for some magic to happen as mutual love is the only key for the rebonding of the hearts. If you both have been head over heels while loving then talk things out and there is sure a hope to make things happening.

One of the tactics you used to win the love of your person is surely a poem that touched your partner’s heart and marked the love between you two. Whether if it is a silly poem or an outrageously overwhelming poem that swept your partner off the foot, remember the same tactic can be used to cement the split-up. It is one of the most effective techniques that you can try to make your love go alive again.

Note that the other person is also missing and equally wishing that you two were together and so a simple but touching tactic like poem to get ex back will definitely rock the show all the way. If you are a good singer who can bring the poem more alive by singing then it is all the more good as your ex is already yours with the talent that you have.

Breakup Is Not The End With True Love And Write Poem To Get Ex Back

Poem to get ex back is one of the most romantic ways to get your ex back and has been in practice for generations and the most working of all. You know the pulse of your girlfriend or boyfriend more, so pen down all the memories and sweet things that you feel for your partner and make it natural instead of exaggerating on the emotional part which might make the whole attempt more dramatic than express the longing that you feel for your love to be bonded again. It has to done at the right place otherwise the whole attempt may turn futile.

If your girl is a die hard romantic then read out the poem in the public as she might feel touched if she is also desperately longing to get back to you. Try poem to get ex back at a private place if your ex is more of a private person and the privacy might actually uplift your poem to the next level. Choose the right spot and the result is likely to be positive with the right words and emotions penned down. Poem to get ex back has witnessed success by many lovers who have faces crisis in their relationship and so employ the right choice of words that can pull your ex towards to you and see the fruit yourself.

Remember that your ex has already fallen for your poems before so you trying the poem to get ex back will only succeed with your special talent. Even if you are someone who have not tried writing a poem for your partner then poem to get ex back might actually start to be the right occasion for you to build your love and take it to the next step.

Read Music

How to Read Music


Many people think of reading music as something incredibly difficult and taxing that takes years of study. Although as with learning any skill, results are not instant and the more time you spend the better you become, the basics are in fact incredibly easy and most people can learn how to read music in one or two afternoons of study.

Of course the first thing that you need to master when learning this is what the placement of the notes mean. The standard 5 bar scale covers an octave, the lowest line represents E, then as you go up they stand for E, G, B, D, F. There are a number of little rhymes or tricks to remember this order such as Every Good Boy Deserves Favour, or Every Good Boy Does Fine, these are called mnemomics.

So once the first step is out of the way and you are confident that you can see which note corresponds to which position in the notation it is time to move onto the rhythm of the piece. Every composition will have numbers at the beginning of it to tell you which beat to use such as 4/4 or 4 beats for every bar. The symbol and letters are to tell musicians how quickly or slowly to play.

The final piece of the puzzle is what the different shapes of the notes mean, a single note is represented by a single tailed picture called a quaver whereas other ways to play such as playing together or quickly after one another uses different symbols. Filling the notes in black or white shows how hard and the volume of the notes being played.

Although it is impossible to learn how to read music from scratch in a few hours since it is a complicated language, it is surprising how simple the fundamentals that can set you on your way are.

Music and Health

Guitar Music Improves Your Health!

Overcome your top 10 most common health issues and enhance your cognitive fitness by taking free guitar lessons are offered by Justin Sandercoe. It is considered as an excellent experience for the beginners. High quality lesson has been ensured with the course material. However, donation can be offered to the website if the student is satisfied with the service. In order to give donation, use of force may not be seen in any given occasion.

Course Levels

  1. Guitar Course for Beginners
  2. Intermediate Method
  3. Style Modules

Beginner course

By looking at the course details for beginners, you can be mesmerized completely. However, importance has been given to the ability of the beginner to adapt with the process. Course has been split in 10 different stages.

Following stages are generally seen with the beginner course

  • Giving answer to the queries of beginners
  • Learning adequate techniques
  • Type of open chords
  • Rhythm training
  • Alteration between chords
  • Selecting a technique
  • Theory
  • Palm muting and power chord
  • Finger style
  • Scale for minor pentatonic
  • Learning different songs

Health benefits of music

Music Enhances Your Cognitive Abilities!

In addition to above stages, additional services are offered with the training and practice schedule. Lessons can be practiced for extended amount of time naturally. The lesson is offered at free of cost. Therefore, it is considered an excellent way to learn guitar.

Why it has been considered best for beginners?

If you have picked up guitar for the first time then the lesson can be seen best for you. Basic knowledge about the subject can be gained in addition to techniques.

Intermediate Method

5 foundations can be located with the intermediate method. Different kinds of styles can be picked up during this time. In the course, following things are generally included.

  • Major scales
  • Different chords
  • Advanced techniques
  • Songs based on different technique
  • Fretboard
  • Dynamics
  • Keys
  • String bending

Due to inclusion of different kinds of styles and techniques, lots of things can be learned in limited amount of time. In order to learn guitar, lesson can be obtained through DVD. However, DVD is an optional choice.

Why it has been considered best for intermediates?

Beginner course can be completed by almost everyone. In order to learn more about guitar, intermediate course by Justin Sandercoe can be tried. Confidence can be gained in the process.

Style Modules

Diverse range of style modules can be learned through guitar lessons by Justin Sandercoe. It is possible to acquire knowledge about major scale, rhythm of blues, finger style for folk, blues lead and Solo Blues. Each of these styles is available through free lesson online and DVD.

Style of Teaching

cognitionJustin Sandercoe teaches his pupil in an easy manner. Therefore, things can be learned quite naturally. Lessons are available with the subtitles. It is possible to come across English subtitles as well in order to avoid issues with the accent.

Subtitles are available in the languages like Spanish, French, Croatian, Finnish and Romanian. During the lesson, things can be paused and seen once again to learn about the things effectively.

Neuroscientist: Healing using Guitar Music!

Aerie Free Guitar Tablature


Humans are being of passion. Each one has his which can be very different from that of the next person. While some show signs of their interest as early as early childhood, others take longer to discover theirs’. Again, some take their passion seriously making it their source of livelihood while others keep it at just that – passion that they indulge in once in a while.

There are countless stories of people around the world who found their expertise in their passion and became well known figures. They were good at what they loved doing. Some individuals require no help in discovering what their heart holds dear, others need assistance in identifying that this is what they would want to do for the rest of their life.

Aerie Free GuitarAll of the above are possible and there is no right or wrong way to get there. If we can find within our hearts the courage to follow what life wants us to, we will have enough interest in it to pursue it wholeheartedly.

Now then where does your interest lie? Interested in playing guitar? Playing musical instruments is a passion for many. Learning the guitar requires interest, practice and patience.

Guitars use notation which is specific to guitars. It is called guitar tablature and also guitar tab, in short. It is like a short hand for guitarists to start learning how to play guitar quickly and easily. It is applicable to everyone playing guitar around the world.

Listed below are some tips on how to read the guitar tablature:
1.    Guitar tabs do not convey any time information. They only tell you which notes to play but not for how long they should be played. Hence this will work only for songs you already know.
2.    Reading guitar tabs is quite easy. There are six strings – E A D G B E – represented on six dashed lines. The tab is read from the bottom to the top, i.e. from the top thick E string to the bottom (thin) E string.
3.    To explain further the numbers on the dashes represent the fret that must be played. When you come across a 0, know that it stands for an ‘open string’, i.e. play the string without pressing any fret.
4.    Guitar-specific actions such as hammer-on, pull-off, slide, etc. like below:
\ = Slide down
/ = Slide up
h = Hammer on
p = Pull off
b = Bend
r = Release
v = Vibrato

Having mentioned the above, it is easy to see that more than anything it is practice that is required to learn playing the guitar. The tablature is pretty simple and straightforward.

5.     A beginner can start by playing easy and simple songs –

Start with something very basic. Like the birthday song. “Happy Birthday to you”. Remember to sing along else you will not have the rhythm.

Play it slowly. Well, no expects you to make an evening out of listening to you play, but try to get the timing right. Make good use of your ear to strike a rhythm that works.

Husqvarna Viking 150e

Sew Your Cloth for the Next Music Party!

Do you like to buy a quality sewing machine? Then, Husqvarna Viking 150e can be considered for an excellent result. Interesting history is seen behind this machine. It is a type of sewing machine that has been recommended through several consumer reports over the years. Therefore, demand for the machine has skyrocketed.

cloth for piano party

What has changed with the machine in question –

Some changes have been made with it in order to offer optimum benefit to the customer. In previous occasion, strong and heavy metal has been used with the sewing machine. It is seen especially in case of Viking 2000 series. Things have changed to some extent with Viking 150e as the company is now using durable plastic instead of metal body.

Therefore, price of the machine has reduced considerably. It has come under the range of budgeted customers. Diverse ranges of stitches are offered in due course. Due to amalgamation of reliability, quality and pricing, Husqvarna Viking 150e can be considered as the best buy.

In the mean time, Husqvarna 610 has been released with the same style of 150e. Electronic advances have been seen with Husqvarna 610 as well. However, demand of the Husqvarna 150e has been noticed in the market still. Therefore, Husqvarna 610 has been labeled as 150e now-a-days.

What are electronic advances ?

Due to introduction of the electronic system, improved results can be observed with the foot pedaling. Requirement of mechanical rheostat is not felt at all. More accurate responses are ensured with the machine. Precise execution from the sewing machine is demanded from the machine in the process.

How to find replacement for the foot control?

Due to use of the electronic system, foot pedals from 105, 185 and 190 are often utilized with the product in question for effective result. Replacement for the foot pedals are found through a credible site within mere $ 150. If you like to buy the lightweight foot pedals of Viking 105 for Husqvarna Viking 150e then it can found in a cost effective price of $ 20.

What are differences with other Bobbin winders?

Difference from other bobbin winder of the brand may not be seen with Husqvarna Viking 150e. By using thread and needle, it must be run through the feet in across manner to find the bobbin winder from the right hand side. However, the bobbin winder cannot be stopped automatically. Bobbin winder from 2000 series from the same brand cannot be fixed in to 150e. Therefore, caution must be practiced while buying bobbin winder from the market. Use of the plastic bobbin is seen on the occasion with smaller concavity.

What are differences with other Torques?

Higher torque may not be found with the Husqvarna Viking 150e similar to the 190. It is necessary to utilize switch in and out method for an excellent result with the stitches. Placement of the needle is changed with this technique.

What are Types of Stitches available?

Recommended stitch length can be seen on the screen after selection of a pattern. Standard, zig zag, over lock and blind stitches are generally with the sewing machine.

1971 Viking 6460 sewing machine

From the line of 6000, Husqvarna has introduced another sewing machine with the name of Viking 6460. Due to solid construction of the machine, wonderful stitches and patterns can be made upon the fabric without much hassle. Threads are placed at an adequate place. Bobbin functions properly in order to offer credible result over a period of time. Issues are not seen in due course.

Parts of the Product in Question!

Threads are put through the bobbins swiftly. Replacement of the bobbins can be made based on the requirement. For the creation of ornamental stitches, additional cams are offered. From the left side of the 1971 Viking 6460 sewing machine, it is possible to find the knobs for ornamental stitches easily. For maintaining the length of the stitch, knob handles are placed on the right side.

Stitch width is managed with the bottom knob. Due to placement of these knobs close to the hand, stitches can be made quite nicely. If you have inserted the cam then four patterns can be found. In addition to this knob, several stitches can be obtained from the control knob placed on the upper right section. Following to the set up of circle, reverts are controlled in order to insert the cam.

How to remove the bobbin case?

By moving the extension table, shuttle doors are opened for the creation of tiny gap. You can hold the bobbin case in between your index finger and thumb for depression of latch, Bobbin case is drawn out of the machine in the process. Till the time, latch remains depress, you can hold the bobbin case within this machine. Latch must be loosened to release the bobbin case as well.

Bobbin winding

  • Bobbin can be taken out from the accessory box.
  • It is possible to find a hole at the side of bobbin
  • By placing the hole outside, bobbin must be turned.
  • Bobbin can be inserted within the machine from the right side.

For threading with the bobbin winding, two separate ways can be tried.

  1. One method can be used with the cotton reel.
  2. Other method can be utilized if you do not like same thread. Difference with the upper thread can be made in this way. On the occasion, thread must go through the thread guide in order to reach the needle clamp and back end side of the machine easily. In case the method is not utilized then ill effect can be observed on the presser foot. Thread must be put around the bobbin for couple of times. It is better to hold the thread while putting pressure with the feet. However, the thread must be released in order to start the process of winding.

How to thread with the lower thread?

Following to the winding of bobbin, it must be placed close to the case. Holes must be kept in the upward direction. Bobbin can be placed without rotation. Threads are generally placed from the edge. Thread must be attached to the tension spring. For effective function, bobbin must rotate on the specified direction.

Learn Piano At Home

Learning how to play an instrument may seem like a difficult thing to do. Many people are wary about taking up the piano because it seems complicated. However, with the right motivation and a little basic knowledge, it is not hard to learn how to teach yourself piano at home.

Anyone learning to play an instrument should have lots of patience. Learning to make music can be easy, but perfection rarely happens overnight. It takes a lot of practice to improve any skill. Having patience and practicing often will make the experience of learning to play much more enjoyable.

The first step is to find a suitable piano on which to learn. Having one in your home will make practicing more convenient and private. If you do not have one at home, perhaps you know someone who has one and will allow you to practice on it. Either way, it is important that the instrument be properly tuned so that the notes will sound their best and you will know you are learning to play correctly.

Not being able to find a piano does not mean the journey to learning to play one is over. A keyboard will make a suitable substitute. Keyboards actually have a few advantages over learning on a piano.

Keyboards are actually more affordable. They have the added advantage of always being in tune so that is one less issue to deal with. They usually have several sound features that can add a bit of flair to any piece of music. Perhaps the most convenient advantage a keyboard has is that they are portable and much easier to store because they are more compact.

After an acquiring an instrument to play on, the next step is to make sure to learn some music basic. A piano has a total of eighty-eight keys. The white keys are known as naturals because the sounds they create are very natural sounding. The black keys create sounds that are either sharp or flat so they are known as accidentals.

A set of eight naturals and five accidentals is called an octave. Every octave starts with a C key and ends with the following C key. There are seven octaves on a full sized piano and on the average sized keyboard.

There are seven music notes. The notes begin with C. In order, the notes are C, D, E, F, G and then A and B.

These seven notes played in order from C to C are known as a scale. Scales are the very basics of piano playing and should be practiced often. Practicing them boosts familiarity with the notes as well as increases finger flexibility.

Once the scales have been mastered, it is time to learn about chords. Chords are made by pressing a specific combination of keys to create one cohesive sound. They can be comprised of both natural and accidental keys.

There are many different chords used when playing piano music. Combining the chords in different ways is how a musical piece is composed. Of all the chords available, the four main ones are major, minor diminished and augmented chords.

In the very basics of learning how to play this instrument, being very familiar with the scales and chords is a great foundation. Practice them as often as possible so that they become almost second nature. The more practice that is applied to the basics, the easier it will be to learn the more complicated movements and the better they will sound.

The next step will be learning the basics of how to read music. Unless one possesses a natural talent for being able to learn how to play music simply by repeating sounds as they are heard, knowing how to read music is a must. There are different ways to learn how to read sheet music.

For those who comfortable with the computer, there are many websites for instructions. Find a site that is comfortable and starts with teaching how to read the music. The benefit of learning this from a website is that it works for those who absorb information through reading it as well as those who prefer to learn by visual means.

Websites combine the clarity of the written word with the reinforcement of videos. This allows anyone who is new to the world of playing music to learn the basics in two ways at once. Websites can also provide the student with visual lessons when they are ready to move on to actually playing songs.

Another good method for visual learning is using video tapes or DVDs. These videos will allow the student to see how the music is played. Many will have illustrated instructions to make figuring out how to read music much easier to remember. For visual learners, this method could be most beneficial.

For many people, the tried and true methods are always best. Instructional books on how to play the instrument and read music have been used successfully throughout the years. They are readily available in music specialty stores and standard book stores alike.

Books can be purchased for any level of understanding. They are available in the very simplest of forms for the very young who want to teach themselves how to read music and play the piano. They are also available in a more sophisticated style for the adult who is also new to sheet music and piano playing.

Using books truly allows the student to proceed at a comfortable pace. Books will provide easy lessons in reading music one step at a time. They will explain what each note is and how long it should be held for. Instructional books will explain all basics of how to read the notes and cues as they appear on a staff.

Through the use of books the scales will be more clearly explained as will the chords. Chord progression will be made easily understandable and simple songs will soon be flowing from the piano keys. There are a large variety of learning techniques available in printed format.

Learning how to teach yourself piano is as simple as gaining a very basic knowledge of how to read music and understanding your instrument. Practicing the scales and lessons will allow your skills to improve over time. Many people are self-taught through the use of websites, videos or books.

Learn To Play Piano Music

Learning to play an instrument is a skill that will stay with you for the rest of your life. If you learn to play piano music then you will master a hobby that you can enjoy alone or with friends and family in all kinds of situations. It offers opportunities to open up a variety of other musical experiences.

Music and the Health Issues!

To begin to learn the piano is a challenge but, once begun, is a hobby that can be returned to at any time. It gives complete freedom to express yourself in another medium whenever you wish. Playing the piano is a relaxing way to unwind after a busy day at work or a diversion if you are feeling depressed or lonely. It has the effect of lightening your mood.

Once you have learned to read music and play the piano you may find you are more interested in other forms of music. You might find you wish to attend classical or pop concerts or operas. You will begin to understand the form of the composition. Once you begin to learn about structure of pieces then you should begin to appreciate the music that will accompany productions such as ballets. Learning to play the piano will open up a whole new approach to everything musical.

notesThere are two distinct ways to learn to play the piano. The traditional method is to choose a piano teacher who will teach you for half an hour or an hour and gradually build up your ability to play simple pieces of music. Eventually you can progress to more complicated pieces. You will be able to enter for examinations if you wish. It is important to choose the right teacher, though. If you are taking up music in later life, then a teacher who will be sensitive to your learning speed, will be ideal. A youngster will be able to learn much more quickly.

The second method is to take a piano learning package on-line. These are computer based courses that integrate theory with visual and audible exercises. Very early on in the course you will learn to play simple songs or tunes. You may find that this method of learning may be more enjoyable. There are DVD’s, audio CD’s and workbooks for this method. There could be less emphasis on learning to play scales which is a good discipline but can be tedious.

If you choose a traditional approach, you will obviously have to start with the basics. First, an understanding of the piano layout is needed. Learning about the black and white keys and the names of these individual keys is crucial. There are twelve keys of music. To begin, you will learn to play a piece of music in the key of C, which has no sharps and flats. Playing a piece in the key of C means that it is the tonal center or home base. All notes will gravitate to that note.

Knowledge of basic notation is required. An understanding of the notes like crotchets and quavers is required. Also timing or rhythm is introduced so that you will know how long a note needs to be held for.

Piano chords are one of the basic building blocks of music. A chord is made up of at least two notes that are played together. Triads are three notes played at the same time. These chords will transform the piece of music into major or minor keys.

Later you will be introduced to pieces with one sharp or one flat and then more sharps and flats as your ability increases. This is called the key signature. It appears immediately after the clef signs on the stave of five lines.

Technique is concerned with how a player executes the piece of music. It is all about performance and interpretation. To improve technique to play a physically demanding performance regular exercises for the fingers are needed to improve both flexibility and strength.

If you have chosen to have regular lessons then you have to practice between the lessons, otherwise you will be wasting your money. Ideally, you need to own a piano or small keyboard. There are plenty of outlets to buy second hand so it is not necessary to pay a lot of money. You may find on line sites have some to purchase.

Once you have a keyboard, set aside some time to practice. Try to practice several times a day, if possible, in short periods of time. If you are out working, then a short amount of time each evening is important. Of course, you may have other commitments but try to do it regularly, particularly when you are just beginning. Later on, when you are more proficient, you can be more flexible.

You can have fun choosing sheet music. If light classical is your preference you will find plenty of choice. Alternatively, you may like the modern pop tunes. If you have a teenage family they may encourage you to master these songs so they can join in the singing. It is not easy to concentrate on your playing whilst others are singing, though. However, it is a lot of fun.

Once you have mastered the skill you could play improvised pieces. This means that you can make music as you perform it. If you have reached this stage, then you will have already become aware of different note arrangements that will work well. So you can adapt your own pieces to suit your style or mood. Of course, this is a challenging task to aspire to but, with dedication, is not out of your reach.

If you can play the piano you will always be in demand for a variety of social occasions, especially around Christmas time when you can accompany your family singing carols. Many care and retirement homes welcome a pianist to entertain for an hour or so. The music is a great way to cheer up the elderly and distract them from their ailments for a short time. It also gives a real sense of purpose and satisfaction to the piano player. So, take the plunge and learn to play piano music. You will love it and you can study it at the Department of Music at the University of San Diego!